What’s in a Name?

Our name is truly multi-dimensional. “Axis” is borrowed from the mathematical term (e.g., the x, y, and z axes of the Cartesian coordinate system) that describes the three-dimensional motion of our machining tools and the three-dimensional nature of the parts we are thereby able to manufacture. “Real” is what it is… Real. True. Accurate. Notwithstanding coincidence, our founders share the last name “Reali.” They too are real.

The Real Story.

The inspiration for starting Real Axis Machining derived from co-founders Chuck and Jon Reali’s (Manager and President respectively) interest in archery and the myriad machined components that combine and dynamically interact to propel an arrow accurately and precisely. As a five-time national champion and national record holding target archer, Jon Reali has a true passion for the sport. While we do not manufacture archery equipment, the same dedication to accuracy and precision, and to hitting targets for which we aim, are fundamental to our operation. Deploying a team of experts collectively sharing decades of design and manufacturing experience, our mission is to apply our passion of perfection to all of our machining and customer services while growing and evolving to consistently fulfill our customers’ current and future needs and wants.

Problems Solved.

Simply stated we find it rewarding to help our customers solve problems. As our reputation as a go-to machine shop expands, our emphasis and dedication to supporting local industry with superb, value-added machining services coupled with highly personalized customer service is at the forefront of every effort. With brand new CNC lathe and 4-axis CNC vertical mill capabilities, coupled with traditional manual machinery, Real Axis Machining has a solid technical foundation from which to build. We are confident we can solve most any machining problems you have.

With Real Axis, customer service is person to person with each customer receiving a designated contact. Through this contact you have access to real time status of your parts. That further enables us to meet your specific needs with speed and accuracy. Our goal is to make our shop feel and operate as an extension of your business.

Real Axis Staff

Charles D. Reali, Manager

Chuck began his career over 40 years ago with Alcoa in Chicago, IL. With stints in sales, credit, finance, and operations spanning several locations across the country, Chuck and his family arrived in Vancouver, WA in 1988 as Chuck became the general manager of a 700-employee primary aluminum smelter. Chuck’s business experience and acumen is expansive. There is little he has not seen or done in the corporate and manufacturing worlds. In particular, based on his experience in the aluminum industry, he specializes in cost control and productivity.

Chuck received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Business Administration from Ohio University.

Chuck is an avid bass fisherman, archer, and adept home cook.

Jon C. Reali, President

Not satisfied with just generating paper, Jon returns to his engineering roots to get his hands dirty in the manufacturing world. For more than 10 years, Jon practiced as a registered patent attorney. His clients ranged from the world’s leading microprocessor and sportswear manufacturers to solo entrepreneurs. Jon has drafted and filed more than 200 patent during his career covering technologies ranging from quantum mechanical semiconductor devices to children’s toys. The problem solving ability and creativity required to draft patents has followed him to Real Axis Machining.

Jon received his Bachelor of Science and Engineering in electrical engineering with a concentration in electronic and opto-electronic materials from Princeton University. Following Princeton, Jon attended the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business and Notre Dame Law School to receive his Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor respectively. Jon is currently an Associates of Applied Science candidate in machining technology.

When not at work, Jon is an accomplished competition archer having won five national championships and set numerous state and national records, some of which currently stand.

Jon is also Chuck’s son and has been his fishing buddy for over 30 years.

Roger Antes, Director of Machining Operations

Roger is one of those types that will never accept “no” for an answer. If there is a will, he will find the way. Professionally educated through multiple technical training schools, but more importantly through 34 years of reality training on the job, Roger is a career machinist. A day never goes by where he isn’t machining parts for customers, friends, or for his own projects and intellectual endeavors. He is an unstoppable problem solver and perfectionist.

Throughout his life he has enjoyed bicycle racing, 4-wheeling, hunting, and most of all archery. For over 30 years, archery has been Roger’s favorite pastime.

Bre Braaten, Sales Representative

Bre is a native of southwest Washington and enjoys all that the area has to offer.

Before joining Real Axis Machining, for five years Bre worked in various sales and customer service positions for a large national fastener and tooling company. She understands that bilateral communication is the key to satisfied customers and aims to always keep her customers and production support informed.

When not in the shop or visiting customers, Bre enjoys horseback riding, 4-wheeling, camping, and particularly motorcycles. Bre and her family compete in several amateur off-road series and attend professional level motocross races. She recently started competing in motocross events herself and looks forward to kicking up more dirt in the future.

Brian Kinnaman, Fabrication Specialist

Brian has worked with machines and engines since he was 5 years old. He had small motorcycle shop in his early teen years where he rebuilt his first two-stroke engine at the age of 13. He followed his love of hands-on work into welding, parts cutting, agricultural mechanics, milling and carpentry. Brian is a “get it done right” kind of guy. He fits the Real Axis Machining  team extremely well because when challenged with anything, anytime, he will see the project through in a timely fashion yet with the utmost attention to detail.

Outside of the shop, Brian has number of projects that keep his skills tuned.  He is building a CO2 laser table, enjoys titanium welding, and is nearing completion of a gas-powered snowboard.

Todd Peterson, Machinist

Todd is an accomplished machinist with experience exceeding three decades. In 1979 Todd started his machinist career on a drill press line and has since graduated through many types of manual and CNC machines.

36 years later, Todd is proficient at programming, setting-up, and running CNC lathes and mills in particular. He constantly challenges himself to develop more time-efficient, cost-effective methods to produce parts including tooling, fixturing, and machining processes. More recently, Todd has begun Mastercam training to add to his programming arsenal.

Perhaps Todd’s greatest asset is his work ethic. Combined with his extensive skills and dedication to his profession, Todd is fully capable of independently meeting critical deadlines with excellent parts.